ALA Did It Right on Cuba / ALA Hizo lo Correcto sobre Cuba

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Librarians need not be concerned by columnist Nat Hentoff's unfair attacks on thºe
American Library Association (ALA) under such lurid and misleading headlines as
"The ALA's Shameful Silence" and "A U.S. Librarian Defends Castro." The Hentoff
rants appeared in the Village Voice, the Washington Times, and other papers in
which he is syndicated.
The truth is that ALA has been anything but "shamefully silent" on the issue of
intellectual freedom in Cuba. In the best traditions of librarianship, two of ALA's
key committees, those on international relations and intellectual freedom,
thoroughly researched the events and situation in Cuba. That includes the jailing
of Cuban "independent librarians," many of whom call themselves political
dissidents dedicated to the overthrow of the Castro regime, as one librarian
reported after a visit to Cuba.

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